Through countryside or coast, our gentle walks are generally around 4 miles long with a cafe or pub to refresh us at the end. Bring your dog along if you wish.

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Welcome to The Girls  

The Girls is a group for women over 45 who want to get out and about, make friends, and do things that they wouldn't do by themselves.  Some members are single and some married; some are working and some retired.

If this is your first visit please look at the list of some of event ideas on the left.  

The members individually choose which events they want to go to. Obviously not all events will appeal to everyone.   The members also offer up ideas for events.  All this, and much more, takes place in our private members forum, and, although you will not have access to the links, you can get a taster of what we are doing in the near future by looking at our calendar.  

A good sense of humour is the most important qualification for joining us. If you live within a convenient distance of Worthing and are reasonably fit, then this could be the group for you.

Are you interested?  Then please email us and we will arrange to meet you one evening and have a chat - maybe over a glass of wine?    

If you enjoy our company then you can become a member for the princely sum of £10 a year and take part in any of our outings as well as suggest outings yourself.



Our first nine months

The Girls (formerly known as The Goring Girls) started life in March 2010, and since our first teetering steps, when we anticipated having around 15 members, we have had a total of 88 girls join us.

We have walked over 132 miles together, and eaten meals at Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Greek and Spanish restaurants. 

We’ve been to The Dogs, Ten Pin Bowling, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Roller Skating  and Quad Biking.

 We’ve visited gardens both large and small, been to choir, big band and jazz concerts and seen plays both indoors and out. 

We've also been to craft fairs, an auction, discovered the secrets of the Dome Theatre, visited the London Theatres, and even climbed Big Ben!

We’ve set up a monthly book club, enjoyed a wine tasting, visited historic houses, experienced a ghost walk, toured museums, art galleries and a textile exhibition.

Then of course there was the summer BBQ as well as the Christmas Dinner and Christmas Party.

In total we have had 160 Meets together since March. There's a lot more ideas we have for 2011 so why not come along and join in.






Visiting Gardens
We visit both large gardens like Wisley or Wakehurst Place, and small private gardens open for charity.

Theatre & Cinema
Whether local or a London Theatre we have been to plays, musicals and concerts. If one Girl wants to go, she invites others and the result is a good outing with good company.

Evening Get Togethers
We regularly meet up just to have a chat and a laugh.  Sometimes we talk about what we want to do in the future and sometimes just get to know one another better.

Active Sports
So far we've done clay pigeon shooting and quad biking, and other ideas include Gliding, Microlighting
 and Go Karting.  Whatever you fancy!

Meals Out
Each month we choose a different restaurant locally to have a meal together, and we've discovered some lovely restaurants.

Historic Houses
There are so many properties packed full of interesting history that we love to go on these visits.

Other Events
 Here are a few from this year's diary  - London Museums, Inside Big Ben, Vineyard, Fairs, BBQ, Art Exhibitions, Greyhound Racing and so much more.